Information for Accepted Students

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Department of Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety, located at 125 South Main Street, provides 24/7 dispatch services, patrol services, emergency response, escorts, and parking enforcement. It is also responsible for:

  • Midd Card ID production
  • ID Card replacement and payment questions
  • Production of College Driver’s License cards
  • Vehicle registration, permitting and payment questions
  • Residential key control and billing

Center for Careers & Internships

Center for Careers and Internships (CCI) will host career exploration sessions with employers throughout the summer. All Language Schools students are able to login to virtual sessions. Detailed information on CCI services for Language Schools students is available here.


Mahaney Arts Center

For information about the Mahaney Arts Center at Middlebury College, please click here.

Museum of Art

Information regarding the Middlebury Museum of Art can be found here.

Office of the Registrar

Information regarding the Office of the Registrar can be found here.

Health Care & Counseling

All students are expected to be covered by their own health insurance plans during the period that they are with the Middlebury Language Schools.

The Center for Health and Wellness offers a variety of health services and counseling to students participating in our Vermont campus summer programs. Students have access to a 24/7 remote care choice called MiddTelehealth. Students may call the Nurse Triage Line at (802) 443-3290 to discuss health concerns and assess care options. Counseling services through Middlebury Counseling will be available—please call (802) 443-5141 or email if you would like to speak with a counselor. Students will also have access to Advocacy Services, Health Coaching, and a Well-being Check Up.

Find a schedule of local Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. If you would like information about a group being arranged by a Language Schools student, please call the Counseling Center at (802) 443-5141.

Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Renee Wells, Director of Education for Equity and Inclusion, is available to meet with students to discuss any questions or concerns they have about navigating cross-cultural interactions with peers or faculty as well as experiences they have within the program, on campus, or in the local community that are unwelcoming or hurtful with respect to identity or culture. Renee can offer strategies and resources for addressing cross-cultural barriers and support and advocacy to address unwelcoming comments or behaviors. More information.

Recreational Facilities

Information regarding recreational facilities on campus can be found here.

Scott Center for Spiritual & Religious Life

Scott Center chaplains are available during the summer as confidential resources for chaplaincy care. Religious services are available in downtown Middlebury and in surrounding towns, and are listed here. Information about on-campus summer religious observances may be found on the Scott Center for Spiritual & Religious Life website here. The Language Pledge is lifted for activities related to religious observance.

Course Hub & Canvas

The Course Hub is Middlebury College’s gateway to course content for students and faculty.  The Semester Dashboard shows you the latest updates from all of your courses – at a glance you can see if there have been new updates on the course blog, electronic reserves, or any other connected resources.

Canvas is Middlebury’s Learning Management System, a digital learning environment used by some of the Language Schools. Detailed instructions for how to navigate in Canvas is available here. A quick guide to Canvas is available here.

Information Security

Please review Middlebury College protocols regarding information security.


General information regarding how students, faculty and staff can print on campus can be found here.

The printer you use depends on whether you are a student, faculty, staff, or guest. There are a number of printers for general use on campus. These locations can be found here.

You may also refer to the printing wiki

Summer Technology Guide

Middlebury College’s Information Technology Services has developed a Summer Technology Guide. The current posted guide is for Spring 2022. This will be updated for summer soon. It covers many useful topics including email, wireless access, public computing facilities and file storage on campus.

Technology Helpdesk

The Technology Helpdesk is available to help with your computing issues. Choose from the following options:



The National Bank of Middlebury has ATMs located in the McCullough Student Center and the Davis Family Library. It accepts Plus, Cirrus, Yankee 24, NYCE, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, and National Bank of Middlebury cards.

Bicycle Rental

This service is not available for Summer 2022.

Bicycles are available for free 24-hour check-out from Davis Family Library to those who have ID cards with loaner bike stickers on the back. To get a sticker, visit go/bikeshare or the Bike Shop website. After accepting the Terms and Conditions, the Shop will send rental stickers to the Mail Center. Please affix them to the back of your own ID to check out a bike from the library.

Local Information

The Addison County Chamber of Commerce website contains many details about local businesses.  For information on outdoor activities, try the Trail Finder.