Information for Accepted Students

Complete These Tasks


Please complete all tasks listed below prior to your arrival on campus.

2.1 Activate your Middlebury network account


Instructions for setting up Middlebury network accounts will be sent to enrolled students after April 1. Students who enroll after April 1 will receive the instructions within 2-3 days after their enrollment has been processed. DML student accounts are the exception; these accounts are not created until the start of the term for which the student is enrolled.

Your Middlebury account is used for paying your bill, email, online trainings, wireless access, and more. All Language Schools communications during the summer are sent only to Middlebury email accounts. This includes links to training you will need to complete prior to arrival, correspondence with instructors, and information for online evaluations at the end of the program. You will also use your Middlebury account to access BannerWeb, a secure program for students to view their academic records and financial information.

If you require assistance setting up your Middlebury account, contact:

2.2 Pay Your Bill

Summer 2022 billing notifications will be emailed in early April. Payment is due by June 1*.  If accepted for admission after June 1st, your payment will be due upon receipt. All Language School students with an outstanding student account due to Middlebury College will not be able to re-enroll until the balance has been resolved. Note: you must activate your Middlebury network account before logging in to the payment system (see Step. 2.1).

*Payment options will be available for 2022. Updated information will be posted after March 26 on this page.

2.3 Enter Emergency Contact Information

Enter your emergency contact information, cell phone number, missing person contact, and evacuation plan into BannerWeb. Note: You must activate your Middlebury network account before completing this task. (See Step 2.1)

Please program the number for Bennington College Public Safety: 802.447.4250, into your cell phone and use for medical emergencies as well as lock-outs.

Evacuation Plan – All students are required to submit a personal evacuation plan online in BannerWeb.  In the unlikely event of an emergency, the plan describes where you would go if the college had to be evacuated.  To submit a plan, log on to BannerWeb, choose “personal information,” and then “Personal Evacuation Plan.”

Missing Person Contact – Students may designate a confidential contact person in the event they go missing. This person can be anyone and does not need to be the same as the student’s emergency contact(s). BannerWeb maintains the contact person’s information in a confidential area, separate from the student’s emergency contact information. The information will be accessible only to authorized campus officials and may not be disclosed, except to law enforcement personnel in furtherance of a missing person investigation. If a student is missing, authorized campus officials and law enforcement officers will have access to this designated contact and will communicate with the person no later than 24 hours from the initial report.

2.4 Complete SafeColleges online training

In early June, you should receive a notice from with a link to online training you are required to complete before your classes start. Notices are sent to the email you entered on your Language Schools’ application. If you do not find the email, you may go to to access this training. Your username will be your Middlebury network email and your password will be the first 5 characters of your Middlebury network email. You may update your password after logging in for the first time. Instructions for setting up your Middlebury email are in item 2.3 above.

Courses must be completed before classes for your program begin. You will not be allowed to attend class until you have completed this training. 

2.5 Complete online emergency preparedness training

This training consists of a 30-minute video. You will need to use your Middlebury user ID (the first part of your email address) and password to access the page. Please select the link to the “Language Schools” training video. Note: You must activate your Middlebury network account before completing this task. (See Step 2.1)

2.6 Activate your Bennington user account

Bennington credentials will be needed for you to access WiFi on the Bennington campus. They are also necessary to print from the many public printers located on campus. Bennington College will send an email with account activation instructions to your Middlebury email in early June. The email will also contain information on registering for your Bennington ID card, which you will receive when you arrive. We strongly encourage everyone to activate their Bennington user account before arrival on campus. If you have any trouble with activating your Bennington user account, please contact the Bennington Help Desk, or 802-440-4476.

2.7 Get Vaccinated and Upload Record

All students, faculty, and staff must be vaccinated, unless they have a documented medical or religious exemption. Students must upload their vaccination record by June 14.