Summer 2020

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Congratulations on your acceptance to the Middlebury Language Schools!

As part of your preparation for your remote language learning experienceplease thoroughly review the information below and periodically check for updates to this website, as additional details for enrolled students will be added throughout May and in the weeks leading up to the summer session.

Please also remember to review the Language Schools Handbook before the start of the summer session.

School-specific questions should be addressed to the Assistant Director of your Language School.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


1. Enroll for Summer 2020

Please submit your deposit $400 non-refundable enrollment deposit as soon as possible*.

  • Log back in to the Applicant Dashboard.
  • Click “View Your Decision”
  • Click “Reply to Offer” (bottom right corner)
  • Click “Accept Offer”
  • The next screen will ask you to confirm your intent to enroll and ask for an electronic signature.
  • Select the method you will use to pay.
  • Submit

*If you have been accepted to a Language Schools graduate program and are waiting for a financial aid decision, you should wait until AFTER you receive a decision to pay your enrollment deposit.

2. Pay your bill

Summer 2020 billing notifications will be emailed before the start of the summer session.

To pay your bill, follow these instructions.

3. Activate your Middlebury network account

Information about setting up your Middlebury network (MNET) account will be sent to you after May 15. This account is used for email, wireless access, and more. All Language Schools communications during the summer are sent only to Middlebury email accounts. This includes links to training you will need to complete prior to arrival, correspondence with instructors, and information for online evaluations at the end of the program.

Middlebury College uses BannerWeb, a secure program for students to view their academic records and financial information. You will be able to access BannerWeb after May 1 using the username and password you set up for your Middlebury network account.

4. Complete SafeColleges online training

In early June, you should receive a notice from with a link to online training you are required to complete before your classes start. Notices are sent to the email you entered on your Language Schools’ application. If you do not find the email, you may go to to access this training. Your username will be the email address you entered on your application and your password will be the first 5 characters of that email. If you receive the notice at your Middlebury email, the username will be your Middlebury email address and the password will be the first 5 characters of your Middlebury email. You may update your password after logging in for the first time.

Courses must be completed before classes for your program begin. You will not be allowed to attend class until you have completed this training. 

5. Confirm your technology meets Middlebury's system requirements

In order to participate in the 2020 summer session of the Middlebury Language Schools, you need a laptop or desktop computer with videoconferencing capabilities and a webcam, audio speakers, and microphone. Reliable internet access will be necessary to engage effectively in online sessions. We strongly recommend a distraction-free home office setting. More information on the technological requirements that your computer and internet service provider need to meet in order to operate Zoom, our videoconferencing software, can be found here.

International Participants in Middlebury Language Schools 2020

  • Participants located outside the U.S. will join the program from abroad, and will not need a U.S. visa status to enroll in courses offered remotely.
  • Individuals located in the U.S. may participate in courses delivered remotely, if their visa status allows for full-time study in that format.  Anyone who is unsure about their status should confirm with the sponsor of their visa (their school or employer) or an immigration attorney.



Disability Resource Center Forms

A.  Accommodation Request Form (summer only) – You can find more information here.

B.  Assistance Request Form (abroad year)  


The Language Pledge

Students should continue the spirit of the Language Pledge that was designed and trademarked by the Language Schools. However, given the new virtual structure, the pledge will be modified. Students should commit to be in the language as much as possible (watching news in language, social media in language, etc.).

Academic Expectations & Culture

Whereas the academic and social dynamics of a virtual learning environment are different, the guiding principles remain the same in both contexts. The Language Schools are intensive and will require that you work harder than you ever have before in an academic setting. Like in our conventional face-to-face summer session, you will have completed the equivalent of a full academic year of language study by the end of the program. You will spend every day several hours in virtual classrooms, with many additional hours of preparation, homework, and in-language cocurricular activities.   Keeping up with the pace requires considerable physical, intellectual, and psychological stamina.

Language Schools’ students come from a wide variety of institutions and backgrounds both in the United States and abroad, representing a spectrum of ages, interests, and backgrounds as well as varying levels of language proficiency. Middlebury requires all members of the summer community – students, faculty, and staff, whatever their ‘home culture’ – to demonstrate mutual respect and tolerance for each other regardless of origin or background. This is essential to creating a community of inclusion with bonds of trust in a supportive context both in our conventional face-to-face summer program and in our virtual classrooms.

Tolerance and mutual respect can help tremendously to establish a sense of community within each individual School and across campus. Middlebury encourages, and even demands, cooperation. Learning represents a communal ef­fort; you should expect to employ your talents to the benefit of fellow students, just as you will benefit from their talents.

The Language Schools are dedicated to the creation of a serious program for the serious student. Within that framework, we offer myriad opportunities to socialize, interact, and create long-lasting connections and friendships. We look forward to welcoming you this summer to our virtual programs!


Students enrolled in the School of Hebrew, School of Japanese or the 7-week Spanish program should order their books from MBS Direct. You can find ordering instructions here. For students enrolled in all other Language Schools or the 6-week Spanish graduate program, book ordering information has or will be provided to you by the appropriate Assistant Director.
Important Dates


Your school’s Assistant Director will share this with you.

Alumni Events

Live stream and recordings of special events throughout the summer, from all 12 schools, will be located here:

Center for Careers and Internships

The Center for Careers and Internships at Middlebury College welcomes you this summer! Click here to review the variety of programs, events, and resources to help with your career development.

Career Panel

July 16, 6:30pm EDT:  Live stream will be located here:

Graduation - Graduate Students Only

August 14

Course Hub & Canvas

The Course Hub is Middlebury College’s gateway to course content for students and faculty.  The Semester Dashboard shows you the latest updates from all of your courses – at a glance you can see if there have been new updates on the course blog, electronic reserves, or any other connected resources.

Canvas is Middlebury’s Learning Management System, a digital learning environment used by some of the Language Schools. A course written specifically for students, with clear instructions for how to navigate and participate in a Canvas course, is available here.

Information Security

Please review Middlebury College protocols regarding information security.


Student Life Remote Resources


Summer Technology Guide

Middlebury’s Summer Technology Guide for 2020 is available here.

Technology Helpdesk

 Contact the Middlebury Technology Heldesk for assistance with such things as logins, system and application access status. You can reach them by email (, Zoom, or phone (1-802-443-2200). Summer hours of operation will be Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am to 8:00 pm EDT (no weekend hours).

Visit the Middlebury Information Technology website for the latest updates and system status information. If you are having issues with online tools or software, we recommend checking the system status to see if it already a known issue before contacting the Helpdesk. ITS offers a system and performance dashboard on its homepage.